Ollie & Aly | Logo Boutique
We are a small design company based in Hampshire, England that specialise in logo design and branding. Our creative style is minimalist and modern-vintage.
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welcome to the

Logo Boutique

In our Logo Boutique you will find a selection of pre-designed logos suitable for a range of business types. Once purchased they will be customised with your business name and sent to you in various digital formats. There are 2 types of logos available, ‘Standard’ and ‘Exclusive’. Exclusive logos have a higher sale price but once purchased they are removed from the website and never sold again ensuring you have a completely unique logo. Standard logos have a lower sale price but are sold multiple times. If you purchase a standard logo it will be customised with your company name and choice of colour so it will still be relatively unique as no one else will have the same logo, company name, colour combination. Some of the exclusive logos come with a pre registered domain name and cannot be customised so please make sure you read the product description carefully before purchasing a logo.

Don’t see anything suitable for your business?

Order a custom designed logo using our custom package builder